things you didn't want to hear

by Sean Patton

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Recorded Fall 2014 - Spring 2015.


released November 15, 2016

All songs written and performed by Sean Patton
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Edward Lee at Broken Spiral Studios
Cover photograph by Pier-Alexandre Gagne
Lyric booklet art by Carly Neigum
Layout and design by Sean Patton

Special thanks to Raymond Knight at Knight Studio Productions
Philip Gehde for website development
Jordan Roth, Stephen Kinsey, Max Frazer, Anton Lemieux, Elise Boulanger



all rights reserved


Sean Patton Nanaimo, British Columbia

"A driven musician resisting convenient pigeonholing with all his might, Patton is a fresh and fascinating new artist [with] extraordinary songs of deep-seated universal connection."

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Track Name: Make Believe
there's a ghost who walks through walls
and he got caught last summer for a couple hours
he's of our kind - just a little off
well he hangs from chandeliers and he barely talks

we all know just what you're on

nathaniel he claims he possessed
by a four horned horse that's inside his chest
its got two mouths, fangs for teeth
and it sinks them deeper each time that he breathes

he don't know who to love
or where to place his feet
he don't know how to trust
maybe it's all just make believe

nathaniel he crawls through walls
it suits him better then walking through the halls
Track Name: Pinch
sink baby sink it seems to fester at the surface
you’re out of place and couldn’t cut it as a person
get back
sleep on the lawn waiting for abduction
by aliens well it beats being unproductive
get back

i’m done
i’m starving

there’s salt on my tongue
and it burns
and you’re rubbing it in all at once
it’s my fault
i deserve
every pinch every ounce

i cannot lie cause its all been done before
what can i do because its all be said
i'm starving

see we were bred with no real fucking purpose
just talking heads that are marching towards a furnace
get back
Track Name: Surface Lines
well it ate away too much and just left flecks of how it was
sweep it out under the sun let it stand before the judge
yeah that gavels swinging down it will surely kill us all
and i barely come around but i hope before you're gone
you'll open up your arms
even if they're not with mine

take care it's all a dream that morning won't wake you up from
and if you're suffering well aren't we all just broken people

while this slowly moves along your distance stretches from your source
who's to say what this all means when something pulls you on its course
i guess i never really knew just what was racing through your mind
wasn't much that i could do but i hope before you die
you'll open up your arms
even if ours don't entwine

take care its all a dream that morning won't wake you up from
(there it goes you cannot block it all)
and if you're suffering well aren't we all just broken people
(with the threads you hung amongst your walls)

you and i used to swing on the arches of the surface lines
lots of words, movement, and objects that disturbed the size
of the arcs
and now it's strange to be
worlds apart
when i know where you dream
Track Name: This Is Going Nowhere
Even if this is going nowhere
all things must pass or so i hear
father said he called but couldn’t get through
just mumbles in the grass may they lead me back to you

to cut through the hum of all of the noise
and try to create with my own voice
and how it shakes with each and every breath
go and wear it down don’t let up yet

aint it beautiful
cause it’s in us all
hidden in the bedsheets
where you left me in the morning
you’re so relentless when you say i’m not important

and even if this is going nowhere
there’s something to be saved for a soul that’s laid bare
so tie it to a stake or now seal it with a kiss
in the ripples of the quake dear are we adrift

it’s drawing near
it’s in us all now
just sing those songs out

even if this is going nowhere
all this must pass or so it appears
all things must pass
Track Name: Marianna
Here’s Marianna she can feel the weight
hoping that her rope don’t break
and i can’t cut the image of her body swaying

the prior night she was on her side
hoping that the words slid out
so that she could heal in the oceans tides
but the demons drug her down

please don’t chase me out here baby
I’m already well past saving

here’s marianna and her last note
she wrote i love you don’t be sad
fifteen years i have tried to cope
i tried but i can’t
Track Name: Growing Pains
Why do you leave me in the cellar of your home
bloods slowly leaking from the centre of my nose
when will you leave me alone?

in the days of my youth
in the days of my youth
scratching at the walls inside of my cocoon

falling forward, slow down

to stand up tall
fully exposed
drifting towards a kingdom to envelope all i know

falling forward, slow down

i chase all my echoes
i can’t seem to let go
Track Name: The Simple Life
Here comes old faithful running over
through the dandelions and clover
rather playful in his stride
his feet are barely touching ground
as he leaps and bounds
an abled bodied guy

the simple life
tuckered i’m exhausted when the skies dim
to be at ease at while asleep at night

and here comes his sister in the distance
with a stick that she has lifted
from out amongst the pines
she likes to sit and gaze in silence
but she could run for miles
and not even be tired

the simple life
tuckered i'm exhausted when the skies dim
to be at ease while asleep at night

well i guess that the wind will change directions
and we forget to count our many blessings
we’ll spiral through the gales as if we’re dancing
eventually everything’s all right

the simple life
god i wanna know just what it’s like
to be at ease while asleep at night